Friday, November 20, 2009

Watch this space. . .

I am currently busy with my B.Tech in Public Relations Management. This year is very difficult for me! We have a lot of projects and assignments for each subject and it seems to me that I don't have enough hours in my day. I definitely need more hours to get everything done. So far I did meet all the deadlines, but it took me hours during the nights getting every assignment done. All our projects are long term projects, it take a lot of energy and stress.

With all the various projects it feels to me that it is not possible to give my very best. With the many assignments to do, I don't have as much time as I need to spend on an assignment. My only thought is, faster I work on an assignment, sooner I can start with the next one. Not to worry, with all our projects and assignments I still enjoy my course very much.

Watch this space. . . next year, I will be back at Cput's Multi Purpose hall with my brand new professional outfit ready to collect my degree. When I collect my degree next year, I will surely know that we all deserve our degree. We are working very hard this year, there's no time for playing games. Watch this space. . .

Friday, October 9, 2009

Andy Warhol said, “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes”

It took me a little while to think about why I would be world famous for 15 minutes. In the beginning I thought that there were nothing about me that would make me world famous for 15 minutes, but after a while I noticed that I am unique, and I have a list of a few reasons why.

Firstly it would be probably my type of career I have chosen, public relations. It would be the most obvious reason why I would get my 15 minutes of world fame. In this type of career publicity is important.

The second reason that I can think of would probably a coin sequence for me. I’ll probably attend an event, and without noticed it, I will be in the way of the media taking footage for publicity.

The third reason would be the moment when I win the lotto. I am sure I will not bother about the fifteen minutes of fame.

I prefers not to be in the spotlight, but sometimes you can’t always get what you want.

“Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read”

Rock journalism is journalists that write about metal music. Not the normal classic, jazz music.

“Rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read” I totally disagree with this statement. It is important for the “rock journalists” to know their music.

My opinion is that I think it is harder to be a rock journalist. Firstly the journalist must be fond of rock music. Rock stars is a culture on its own, people must love rock music to understand the culture of rock stars. Rock journalists must be part of this unique culture. They must report to the public about the music and through the articles they explain actually the culture to the public. Most youngsters understand the culture of rock stars. I believe they enjoy articles of rock journalists. The media must cater for the young people as well; why not write about the things they are interested?

Rock journalists, must know the different rock star groups, they must know the different types of instruments they use. In every song, there is a message. Rock stars do have a message in their music, and in my opinion I don’t think a plain journalist would be able to see the message, understand the message and to write about the message in the song.

Rock journalists rock the hell out of the other journalists!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad circumstances in Ukraine

This week a saw a movie about the communities in Ukraine. It was so sad to see their circumstances. I know that the people who lives in Ukraine does not have the best circumstances, but I did not know that it was that bad.

Those people are so poor. They have nothing. The movie was made by a Christian church, and they went out to these families to help them where they can. They gathered some second clothes, shoes, blankets, food, etc, that they gave away to the families in Ukraine. There is one family with a very sad story. The parents have 11 children, three of them was born normally, but they got a virus that made them so sick that those kids don't grow anymore, they can't walk, they can't talk and they can't use their brains anymore. They don't have medical services there. No doctors, no dentists and no hospitals. Their hands are cut off. No one can help them with their health, and to make it more worse is that the temperatures are most of the time during the winder under -20°C. These families don't have warm houses or clothes to protect them from the cold weather.

Most of the families don't have bathrooms at all. They cook water on the fire and bath outside or in the kitchen. They don't have toilets like us, they must go outside in the nature.

They are so positive, despite of their circumstances. They are friendly people, and they let you feel so welcome in their little 'houses'. On the movie you can see that they are so thankful for all the helping hands, it makes me sad to think that we have so much, but there don't go a day by without complaints from people like us that live in good circumstances.  

What motivates me...

I have one word that motivates me and it is results. To see what I have achieved is a very good motivation for me. But I don't have one specific motivation, I have more than one way to motivate me.

1. Motivational words to me is means a lot to me.

2. My religion helps me to achieve what I want to achieve and my faith in my religion motivates me.

3. Any achievements is a motivation for me, it does not matter how small or big the achievement is, it will always motivates me to go further and do my best.

4. To see all the poor people and their problems motivates me to be thankful for what I have and to work harder.

5. I have a set of goals that I want to achieve and just to think about those goals, is a motivation for me.

6. To work in a group hard together motivates me to give my best.

So many things can motivate me. I think to be alive is a motivation enough to work hard everyday and give your best and achieve your goals. I you don't have anything that can motivates you... than you are not thankful for what you have. Some people have much more worst circumstances than what we have and if you look at the people that are so thankful for the few they have and they are motivated to do their best, why can't we be motivated everyday to be thankful and do our best.

Shopping at the end of the month

I hate to do shopping at the end of the month. The malls are so busy that it is no pleasure to shop. I love to just walk around, go in different stores and shop with my eyes, but the secret is to do it in the week and not at the end of the month.

Most families will go out to the mall with all their children To keep the group together they will walk slowly between the shops and the people that is in a hurry is so frustrated with all the people that walk slowly that they can't pass because there are to many people in the shops . But it is not the only frustration.

Most of the times the shops have a sale at the end of month. So most people would go and fight for the right items what they want. All the customer together at one little space to get what they want. Another frustration when I shop at the end of the month is that most shops have many pay stations to buy your items, but they don't make use of all the pay stations at the end of the month. They know that the shop will be busy, but no, they feel good about the fact the customers must stand in a queue, so long that you need a binocular to see the pay station.

I don't know how the over people feel about it but it does not sounds for me like fun.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Personal Autonomy - How far does it extend?

According to Wikipedia, autonomy has several usages in philosophical contexts. In ethics, autonomy refers to a person's capacity for self-determination in the context of moral choices. 
Self- determination is the process by which a person controls their own life. 

Life is all about decisions and choices. The big question is, how far does it extend? Well I don't have the answer to this question. I don't think their is one correct answer. I feel that when you make a choice you must take responsibility for your decisions. We are all humans. We all have morals, and I think our morals will put a limitation on our  self-determination. Some people push their luck when it comes to their personal autonomy. But I think we are aloud to stand up for our beliefs, we must just do it in a good manner. We live in a democracy country, that is a privilege, we must not push to much when it comes personal autonomy. 

"A primary function of art and thought is to liberate the individual from the tyranny of his culture in the environmental sense and the permit to sand beyond it in an autonomy of perception and judgement 

- Beverly Sills